We envision a world that values and supports the leadership of women of color, and actively works to amplify their voices and leadership in the social sector, and in the halls of power.


As baby boomers exit organizations, it is estimated the social sector will need to attract and develop 640,000 new senior leaders and managers to replaced departing leaders. What we know is that leaders of color, particularly women of color, face significant barriers to their ascension to leadership positions. These barriers include lack of mentorship and support; implicit bias and discrimination; and lack training and experience on a range of complex organizational development and management; among other issues.

With its Funding partners, the Center for Research and Policy in the Public Interest at the New York Women’s Foundation is doing its part to fill the social sector pipeline with bright and talented leaders to make small and large scale change in communities and at the national level.

The Fellowship provides an unique opportunities for women of color leaders to build long-lasting networks, sharpen their skill set in a nurturing environment, and reflect on the next level of their leadership and impact.