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The Making Space Leadership Survey

Although women of color are a significant part of the social sector workforce, we know very little about their leadership experiences, including their challenges and barriers to success. We want to change this!

The Center for Research and Social Policy at the New York Women’s Foundation and the Center for Non-Profit Leadership at Georgetown University have partnered to conduct a first of its kind survey and study of the leadership experiences of women of color in the social sector.

The goals of the study are to better understand the barriers and challenges to success of women of color leaders in the social sector; identify trends across organizational types and issue areas; and better understand the career trajectories and identify opportunities to better support new and existing leaders.

It is our penultimate hope that the study provide critical insights that will prove instructive to the field as well as organizations working with these leaders.

If you’d like to be interviewed about your experience working in the social sector or in a U.S. based non-profit organization, please email leadthewayfellowship@gmail.com