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Founded in 2004, Lead the Way is a unique capacity building and leadership program for women of color who are mid-level manager and emerging Executive Directors in non-profit organizations from across the country working in fields related to education, reproductive justice, violence against women, criminal justice reform, public and social service delivery, or social change.

Since its inception, more than 175 leaders have participated in the program and have gone on to create significant impact in communities and at the state and federal levels. LTW Alumni include a McArthur Fellow, a Deputy Commissioner for NYC and Presidential appointees, among others.

Lead the way is a program of the Center for Research and Policy in the Public Interest at the New York Women’s Foundation.

The Goals of the Lead the Way Initiative are to:

  • Provide Women of Color Executive Directors and mid-level manager with the opportunity to build their skills so that they can advance in their career and effectively manage and sustain non-profit organizations;
  • Promote networking and share best practices among organizations with similar goals and missions;
  • Identify women of color leaders with high potential and establish an on-going support network to exchange information and resources; and
  • Identify challenges and barriers to success for women of color working in the social sector and on pressing social justice issues. Fellows will also develop concrete tools to overcome barriers and challenges in their role.